Thursday, July 10, 2008

Journey to tHE past

Note: Don't care bout the grammar.

Well..seems so late to write all these, 'coz it happened for almost 3 weeks ago, but i feel that i have to. Hehe ..i think it's pretty interest for you all to know.. I guess so.. Hoho (*PD deh gw..!)
Yeah, i got my travelled to the past with my mother and sist, but sorry make you all dissapointed, coz it wasn't use a time machine as u may think.

The story happened on tuesday, June 24 2008, when i should accompany my mother and sister to immigration. Sist wanna go abroad to S'pore for study tour -don't know when-, and the immigration placed on Kota, near from Monas, which full of an oldiest construction. We were interested so much with the panorama (*halah panorama), make us drowned into our imagination, which my sist desired so much took the photograph of all the beauty landscape, and i was imagine to be her model.hahaha.Huek.

Btw, after the immigration dealings has finished, we're decide to lookin around to the museum, and the first place to go is "MUSEUM SENI RUPA & KERAMIK". We entered the museum with only Rp 2000 per person, and expect we had the great experience inside. But what we found is just "a messed up" situation, made we all think that mostly Indonesian are very less to gave the attention for such things like history and didn't aprreciate well, so the museum seems like a ghost house. And maybe what makes it more messed up is because there were a preparation for a wedding party for the daughter of one functionary. Besides that all, we're enjoy the painting, and this is what my favourite most. Sorry for not clear, i just used my damn-hell-phone-camera, and at the end of photos, i forgot to wrote the title and the painter

(still there, at ceramic spot)..

Finished at the first museum, we're continue to the second one, "MUSEUM SEJARAH JAKARTA". This place was so much better than the first one, and there were a lot of visitors. I'd only capture a several picture here, coz my body felt not good, 'lil bit morning sickness.. HOho.. These are the pictures:

(*amit-amit, morning sickness gini aja masi bisa narsis eneg-in gini.haha. This place was called "Subterranean Prison Cells", penjara bawah tanah gitu dh..)

OK....Slese dari sana..Went to the third.."MUSEUM WAYANG".. Disini yang paling banyak foto-fotonya:

(my sist)

(my beloved mom)

OK...after those trip, we'd end the journey to the cafe named BATAVIA..Starving so...i ate porridge.. That place were quiet cozy with the unique layout and ornament. The walls are full with painting actress, actor, and politician from the era '80.

(at the rest room)

Great journey..
With the mint tea on my hand, i felt very satisfied.. I don't know what is this feelin, but i felt very fun, happy,,that our country has a lot of beauty and history things that we should take care of..